• Upgrade to Undercarriage

    Salt used to treat the roads can cause Rust and Corrosion. This can eat away under your car. Protect your car and wash away the salt build up. Choose a wash that includes the undercarriage option today!

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    Winter Weather is eating away at your Vehicle

    The roads are covered in snow and salt and now your car is too! If you want to get your car back to its pre-snow shine, come to Auto Spa!

  • Auto Spa Touchless

    Like our touchless automatic car washes? Purchase discount wash coupons- buy 3 get 1 free!

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    Your Savings start immediately

    Stop by any of our self service locations and talk to a clean team member to get yours or call 866-678-WASH for more information.

  • Text the word WASH to 21333 for Updates and Specials

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  • Plan Your Next Fundraiser with Auto Spa Speedy Wash!

    Auto Spa Car Wash can help you meet your organization's fundraising goals.

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    What You Get

    For every customer you bring us, we’ll donate one third of the profit directly to your organization. One $12 car wash will mean $4 for your orginazation. Just give them your special coupon code that we provide, and you’re all set!

Honoring Veterans

Auto Spa honors American service men and women throughout the year. View http://myautospacarwash.com/grace-vets/ for details.

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We Love our Pets

Our Harvester & Mid Rivers facilities include a Self Service Dog Wash for your loving pet.